Getting the

foundations right

Lay the groundwork for data excellence, by crafting robust strategies, enforcing data governance, and conducting thorough audits.

Just like a data WOF for your business

Data Audit & Assessment

Give your data a health check.

We dig into your data assets to ensure their quality, completeness, and accuracy.

This step guarantees your data is primed for meaningful action, helping you make decisions with confidence.

Data Strategy Development

We're your data architects.

Together, we define clear goals, pinpoint the right data sources, and establish KPIs that align with your business goals.

This strategic approach keeps your data efforts focused on what truly matters.

Data Governance Plan

Think of it as your data's guardian.

We assist you in building robust processes for collecting, storing, securing, and managing your data.

Trust that your data's integrity is upheld at every step, allowing you to harness its power with peace of mind.

Data Academy

Let’s upskill your team and turn them into data masters

Our data academy provides training and resources to boost data literacy across your business.

Let’s empower everyone to handle data like pros and make smarter decisions.

What our clients say

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Having worked with several of Data Insight’s personnel, we have found that they have a rich pool of good capability who also have a high level of dedication to achievement, are a great culture fit, have robust lateral thinking and we’ve benefited from the wider organisation experience to draw upon in tackling challenging scenarios.

Kathy Raynel
Head of Analytics & Insights, TSB
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The Data Insight team work collaboratively and are timely with their deliverables, which often exceed our expectations. They stood out during our procurement processes for their clarity of understanding our business needs along with their demonstrated experience and capabilities.

Raj Hit
Head of Risk & Assurance, Lotto NZ
Stars - Startech X Webflow Template

Working with the Data Insight team is a pleasure. From initial concept to implementation on several projects over the past 4 years, the team have been extremely supportive, delivering to time and budget. The solutions are delivered with expertise, and I would recommend talking to the team to help you solve your data needs.

David Bishop
Chief Marketing Officer, FSC

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