Aug 31, 2022
Nov 10, 2023

Powering a Leading NZ Bank with our On-demand Experts

Our client is a New Zealand banking giant, backed by a major international banking group.

Being at the forefront of NZ's banking sector, the bank places high value on translating financial and customer analytics into actionable insights.

The Challenge

The bank was facing a complex issue: diverse departments with varying analytical needs.

Isolated analytics processes in each department led to lapses in data governance, inconsistent quality, and overlapping insights. An attempt to centralise the analytics team brought forth a new challenge - the overwhelming demand for insights versus the limited supply of analysts.

The newness of this centralised approach made hiring a large permanent staff a risky proposition.

Our Approach

  1. Swift Integration: Data Insight swiftly merged with the bank's core analytics team. Our experience in analytics consulting ensured that we integrated seamlessly, eliminating traditional prolonged onboarding phases.
  2. Pace and Efficiency: Our team is trained for high-paced environments, allowing us to immediately handle and process analytics requests.
  3. Embedded Expertise: Three dedicated analysts from our side integrated directly within the bank's Analytics as a Service squad. With the oversight of a senior Data Insight analytics manager, we ensured impeccable quality while relieving the bank of the additional administrative tasks.

The Outcome

With our integrated approach and on-demand resourcing, the bank experienced a significant improvement in the speed, efficiency, and quality of their analytics outputs. Requests previously stalled due to resource constraints were now addressed promptly, fostering more agile decision-making processes.

As we strengthened our role as a trusted partner, we also collaborated with the bank's digital and business teams. Together, we developed dashboards and provided insights that addressed process bottlenecks, ultimately enabling the bank to serve their customers more effectively.

Key Client Benefits

On-demand Expertise

For urgent projects, our on-demand analysts provided the needed expertise without the long-term commitments of permanent hires.

Better Together

Our integrated team ensured harmonious collaboration, offering superior cohesion than individual contractors.

Adaptive Resourcing

We could swiftly adapt our resources to the bank's ever-changing needs. If a task called for a specific skill set, we brought in the right expert to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Consistency and Quality

With our team's involvement, the bank experienced a rise in the consistency and quality of analytics, leading to more trustworthy insights that departments could rely upon.