Oct 28, 2021
Nov 10, 2023

Boosting Revenue by Understanding Customer Loyalty

Our client operates a chain of 78 petrol stations throughout New Zealand.

More than just fuel stops, many of these stations also house convenience stores. Known for its strong ties to Kiwi traditions and values, the company stands out for its commitment to local communities, providing genuine service and offering value for money.

The Challenge

The company believed they could grow their revenue by better understanding and connecting with their customers.

They had a wealth of customer data from transactions but wanted to transform this information into actionable insights.

Their primary goal was to dive deep into the characteristics of their loyal customers: understanding who they are, their buying habits, and how to enhance their experience.

Our Approach

  1. Customer Segmentation Analysis: We began by delving into their sales and transaction records, identifying patterns and behaviours to distinguish various customer segments.
  2. Creating Customer Profiles: After segmenting customers based on their purchasing behaviours, we fleshed out each group with additional details, such as age, preferred shopping locations, and affinity for charitable causes.
  3. Recommendations and Strategies: Armed with these detailed customer profiles, we provided tailored suggestions for each segment. For instance, we pinpointed customers who made frequent but low-value purchases and proposed promotions to boost their spending. We also flagged customers who were visiting less often, suggesting specific loyalty offers to re-engage them.
  4. Putting Ideas into Action: Embracing our insights, the client integrated the customer segments into their systems, trialing various offers and promotions to gauge their effectiveness.

The Outcome

Equipped with a deeper understanding of their customer base, the company began witnessing a rise in visits, an uptick in spending, and a resurgence of customers who had previously drifted away, strengthening their customer loyalty.

Key Client Benefits

Stronger Relationships

Through better understanding and meeting the specific needs of their customers, they forged stronger bonds, leading to heightened loyalty and increased sales.

Smarter Business Choices

Using customer segmentation, they made more informed decisions regarding promotions and communication strategies, maximising their marketing ROI.

More Value from Each Customer

Targeted promotions and offers catered to specific customer preferences, raising the average spend per customer and boosting repeat visits.

Streamlined Operations

Using their new customer insights, they were able to optimise resource allocation, from product stocking to staff scheduling, enhancing efficiency and the overall customer experience.