May 31, 2024
May 31, 2024

Enhancing Retail Insight with Performance Dashboards

This global leader in power tools caters to professional forestry, agriculture, landscape maintenance, construction, and private garden owners.

With a strong global presence, their products are distributed through a vast network of specialist dealers, sales and marketing companies, and online shops.

The Challenge

Managing a network of franchises without visibility into individual store sales posed significant challenges. While the head office knew what products were dispatched to the franchises, they lacked insight into what was sold to customers.

This gap meant that:

  • Sales Data Silos: Head office had no visibility of the actual sales happening at the franchise level.
  • Lack of Benchmarking: Franchise stores couldn't compare their performance against others, making it difficult to gauge their success.
  • Limited Insights: Both head office and franchises were unable to identify regional sales trends or high-performing products.
  • Operational Blind Spots: Without comprehensive sales data, franchises couldn’t pinpoint what was working well or areas needing improvement.

Our Approach

  1. Consolidating Franchise Sales Data: We began by consolidating sales data from all franchise stores into our secure, centralized data environment. This involved integrating various point-of-sale systems and ensuring data consistency across the board.
  2. Developing Custom Dashboards: We designed and built a series of user-friendly dashboards tailored to the needs of both head office and individual franchise managers. These dashboards provided detailed insights into sales performance, including top-selling products, regional variations, and year-over-year comparisons.
  3. Implementing Daily Data Updates: To ensure timely insights, we set up automated processes for daily data updates. This allowed both head office and franchises to have access to the most current sales information.
  4. Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis: We included benchmarking tools within the dashboards, enabling franchises to compare their performance against others in the network. This feature helped identify high-performing stores and shared best practices.
  5. Training and Support: We provided comprehensive training sessions for franchise managers and head office staff to ensure they could effectively use the dashboards and interpret the data. Ongoing support was also offered to address any issues and provide updates.

The Outcome

Armed with our customised dashboards, the franchise network now enjoys clear visibility into sales performance.

Each franchise store can track top-selling products, compare their sales against benchmarks, and identify trends, while head office can make informed strategic and purchasing decisions.

Key Client Benefits

Daily Performance Insights

Franchise dashboards update daily, providing data on sales performance and trends.

Enhanced Benchmarking

Franchise stores can now compare their sales against other stores, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment.

Informed Decision-Making

Head office can see every sale across the franchise network, guiding strategic and purchasing decisions with confidence.

Operational Efficiency

Franchise stores can identify what’s working and where improvements are needed, optimizing their operations and boosting sales.