Aug 21, 2023
Nov 10, 2023

Bridging the Gap: An On-Demand Solution for a Leading NZ Telco

Our client is an established telecommunications company in New Zealand offering both broadband and mobile services across consumer and business sectors.

With an agile working structure, they are advanced in their use of data analytics and data science. The company employs a considerable team of in-house analysts, indicating their commitment to leveraging data insights.

The Challenge

While the client possessed strong analytical capabilities, they encountered two primary issues:

  1. Their CX Squad: This team had significant business acumen but lacked analytical expertise. Traditionally, they operated without the support of data analytics, primarily due to their data's unstructured nature, like customer feedback. They recognised the potential of analytics but needed guidance on how to integrate it into their operations.
  2. Their Mobile Squad: An analyst transition left this team with a resource gap. They urgently needed an analyst to manage ad hoc requests, such as customer insights and campaign targeting, using SQL.

Our Approach

  1. Tailored Resource Allocation: We deployed analysts specifically tailored to each squad's unique needs. For the Customer Experience Squad, a lead analyst initiated the integration of analytics into their processes. They assessed current processes, existing data sources, identified challenges, and proposed solutions. This involved creating an interim dashboard, suggesting a short-term and long-term solution using platforms like AWS, and providing ongoing monthly reports.
  2. Mobile Squad Support: Our senior analyst seamlessly integrated with the Mobile Squad, attending their daily scrum meetings, and maintaining a workflow of requests. They adeptly addressed queries as they arose, ensuring that the team never felt the gap left by their previous analyst.
  3. Efficiency and Integration: Our analysts, equipped with industry knowledge, seamlessly onboarded, quickly becoming integral members of the client’s teams.

The Outcome

By seamlessly integrating our analysts into the client's teams, we bridged their resource gap and delivered expert insights that enhanced the operational capabilities of both squads.

Our involvement empowered the client to make more informed decisions and to further refine their processes. At the end of this project, we ensured a smooth transition of knowledge to their new internal analyst upon their onboarding.

Key Client Benefits

Immediate Deployment & Expertise

Our team integrated rapidly with the necessary skill set, eliminating recruitment delays and immediately addressing the client's needs.

Adaptive Resourcing

Our team's depth allowed us to dynamically adjust our resource allocation based on evolving client needs.

Industry Insight

Our extensive technical experience allowed us to rapidly understand, address and adapt to the client's unique challenges in the telecom sector.

Autonomous Project Management

Our lead project manager handled workloads and requests, reducing the client's administrative burden, and enabling them to focus on core operations.