Jul 30, 2021
Nov 10, 2023

Transforming Branch Performance with Data

We partnered with a top-tier real estate company renowned for selling a diverse range of properties, from intimate homes to thriving businesses.

Their goal was to boost sales by enhancing the performance of their agents and, by extension, their branches and franchises. They turned to us to harness the power of their data to achieve this objective.

The Challenge

Their data landscape was a maze.

With information coming from all corners, and each franchise using different calculation logic and data sources, it was challenging to pinpoint their performance metrics.

Their hands were further tied as they couldn't directly access vital databases, only relying on system-generated reports. This clouded visibility was causing them to miss growth avenues and market opportunities.

Our Approach

  1. Initial Data Audit: We started by mapping their data terrain to see what they had and where the challenges lay. This gave us a clear picture of their existing assets and the gaps.
  2. Stakeholder Workshop: Engaging with the company's key players, we unearthed their core performance metrics, insights they wanted to gain, actions they wanted to promote and a better understanding of their pain points. This collaboration was crucial in understanding their needs and desires.
  3. Data Quality Rectification: Our exploration highlighted that certain key data points, like property identifiers across various stages, were inconsistent due to past system limitations. We took the initiative to create our own identifier, collaborating closely with our stakeholders.
  4. Tailored Dashboard Development: Based on our findings, we crafted a custom dashboard which:
  • Compared performance across franchises, branches and their agents spotlighting top performers.
  • Tracked agents' targets versus their actual performance, providing managers with a one-stop-shop for their coaching conversations, eliminating the need to spend hours collating data.
  • Incorporated external data to gauge market performance.
  • Paved the foundation for future data projects by streamlining data ingestion and processing.
  • Ensured data was only accessible based on branch/franchise locations, ensuring data privacy.

The Outcome

By overcoming these data challenges, we were able to provide the client with a unified dashboard that allowed them to accurately track their performance and make data-driven decisions.

The result was improved performance and growth opportunities for our client.

Key Client Benefits

Unified Performance Metrics

With our specialized dashboard, franchises could seamlessly evaluate their performance against consistent benchmarks, enabling clearer strategic direction

Strategic Growth Roadmap

By highlighting untapped market segments, we empowered the company to identify and act upon new revenue opportunities more proactively.

Interactive, Real-Time Insights

The live dashboard, adopted by numerous franchises, became their go-to tool for immediate and actionable business insights.

Foundational Data Infrastructure

Beyond the immediate project, we provided the client with a robust data backbone, priming them for future analytics and strategic projects.

An illustration of a analyst creating a data report for a insights dashboard.

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