Measure what


Transform complex metrics into clear, visual insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Understanding what’s going on in your biz


Imagine having a bird's-eye view of your customers, all in one place.

Our solution grants you a complete perspective on every interaction and engagement.

With this insight, you'll be ahead of the curve in anticipating their needs and preferences, delivering unforgettable experiences.

Interactive Reports

Clear, instant insights.

Whether it's Financial Reporting, Marketing Insights, Company Benchmarking, or beyond, our diverse range of interactive dashboards have got you covered.

Beyond just captivating visuals, our suite of reporting dashboards serve as real-time catalysts, empowering strategic decisions and driving business growth.

Power BI Migration

Let's kick your data game up a notch.

Our migration expertise seamlessly shifts your data into the Power BI platform.

This unlocks true potential for visualising and analysing your business's journey.

Data Visualisation

Wave goodbye to those mundane spreadsheets and say hello to a world of interactive revelations.

Whether it's through tools like Tableau, Power BI, or tailor-made dashboards, we craft visualisations that do the talking.

Your data will share a story as clear as daylight.

What our clients say

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The Data Insight team have extensive skills in machine learning, are collaborative and share their knowledge readily to ensure we gain the best, most practical outcome, and value for our business. We find them to be reliable, supportive, and enthusiastic and they are driven by great customer outcomes.

Niko Batinica
Data Insights Lead, Chorus
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At AA Smartfuel one of our requirements was to partner with a recognised leader in the data industry and Data Insight is just that. When it comes to data and telling a story through visualising that data, the team at Data Insight delivered on our goals to help drive loyalty and growth.

Scott Fitchett
Managing Director, AA Smartfuel
Stars - Startech X Webflow Template

The Data Insight team hit the ground running regardless of the business problems you throw at them. With the calibre of the team being extremely experienced and professional, they provide a team tailored for the project, get right into providing the solution and often even optimise it without being asked.

Selena Hsiao
Data Quality & Governance Lead, Genesis

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