Sep 29, 2023
Nov 10, 2023

Boosting Loyalty with Customer Churn Analysis

This leading telecommunications provider has been at the forefront of connecting New Zealanders.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, from mobile to fixed-line broadband, they have a significant presence in the country's major cities. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, they're reshaping the way Kiwis communicate and connect.

The Challenge

In a world teeming with options, maintaining customer loyalty and preventing churn is more challenging than ever.

Customers can easily jump ship when a more appealing offer appears. This reality posed a genuine concern for the telco company.

Recognising the importance of customer retention, they sought a proactive approach to anticipate and comprehend potential departures ensuring they stayed one step ahead.

Our Approach

  1. Deep Dive into Understanding: We started by examining the possible reasons a customer might consider leaving. This foundational understanding was crucial for the company's teams, ensuring they approached customers with relevant and meaningful solutions.
  2. Data Exploration: With a clear direction set, we embarked on a comprehensive review of the available data. This step was about gauging the depth of current insights and identifying areas that could be further enriched.
  3. Finding the customers at risk: We used AI and machine learning to figure out which customers were most likely o consider leaving and what reasons might be behind their decision.
  4. Watchful Guardian: We didn't leave the customers' fate to chance. We set up DI Retain, our customer churn analysis tool that is always on the lookout to alert the marketing and customer interventions team whenever a customer was at risk of leaving

  5.  Performance: We all know that the proof is in the pudding! Inside this tool, we built-in monitoring mechanisms to track how well it’s performing, gauging its success rate and areas for improvement.

The Outcome

Armed with DI Retain, the teleco provider was never in the dark.

The tool offered real-time insights into potential customer churn, along with actionable reasons, ensuring the marketing and customer interventions team remained one step ahead.

Key Client Benefits

Always On Safeguard

Thanks to DI Retain, they could automate their customer interventions, reducing the need for manual effort in campaign activities. It was like having a constant guardian, always ready to step in to stop customer churn.

Getting Ahead of Problems

By pinpointing issues early on, they could proactively fix things when their processes weren't working

Cracking the 'Why' Code

DI Retain didn't just identify potential leavers; it also delved into why they might leave. This empowered the Telco’s teams to engage in more personalised customer interactions.