Nov 9, 2023
Dec 15, 2023

Finding the right data expert, the first time

With a legacy spanning a century, this insurance company is on a mission to make New Zealand one of the healthiest nations globally.

Their vision is centred around guiding customers towards healthier lifestyles, one step at a time. They offer a comprehensive range of insurance products tailored for Kiwis.

The Challenge

The insurer aimed to expand their existing team to include a skilled data science manager, one who could navigate the tech landscape and translate it into real business value.

However, this is easier said than done, with challenges of picking the right candidate and the high costs of making the wrong choice. Our client needed confidence that the candidates had the technical and commercial capabilities for the role, and reached out to Data Insight to support this crucial step in the recruitment process.

Our Approach

  1. Creating the right test for the right role: We began by collaborating with the client to blend the roles’ requirements, the company’s culture, and our proven candidate testing capabilities into a tailored testing environment that would give our client the insights they needed to make a hiring decision.
  2. Finding the Perfect Fit: Armed with our candidate profile and a tailored recruitment process, we made the hiring process a breeze. Our in-house hiring professionals led the interview with the candidates and provided feedback and recommendations after each candidate. This gave our client the confidence to make sure they were making the right call, and ensured they found a perfect match for their team.

The Outcome

By leveraging Data Insight’s experience in hiring the best data specialists, the insurer was able to avoid recruitment missteps and find the best candidate for the job.

Key Client Benefits

Reduced Risk

By harnessing Data Insight’s tried and tested process, the insurer reduced the risk of hiring a dud.

Saving time

Our streamlined recruitment process meant they were able to skip the time-consuming task of crafting a new one from scratch, which might not have been as effective.

Cost Efficiency

With our support, they avoided unnecessary costs, getting the most out of their recruitment budget.

Company Culture Alignment

Our support ensured that the selected candidate not only had the right skills but also shared the company's vision and values, fostering long-term growth and synergy.