May 26, 2022
Nov 10, 2023

Crafting Deeper Customer Connections Through Data

We teamed up with one of the largest telecommunications providers in Aotearoa.

With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge technology and reliable mobile, internet, and entertainment connectivity.

The Challenge

This telecom giant aimed to enhance cross-selling, upselling, and customer satisfaction using more targeted marketing and sales tactics.

They then identified a golden opportunity: by merging their scattered data, they could paint a clear picture of their customers, encompassing demographics and product usage. While they had a wealth of information spread across different business systems, the real magic would happen once these were seamlessly integrated into one single customer view.

Our Approach

  1. Getting the lay of the land: First, we did a data landscape analysis to better understand their situation. We identified gaps and opportunities, providing a clear framework and actionable items for the marketing and sales teams. This supported the development of a project roadmap and a client wish list to guide our efforts.
  2. Data Integration and Refinement: Armed with this wish list we sifted through the available data, refining and enhancing its quality wherever possible, prepping it for the major integration.
  3. Building the Audience 360model:  This was the result of our efforts—a comprehensive, real-time hub that housed intricate details of each customer, ensuring an updated and singular customer view.
  4. Putting plans into action: Armed with the Audience 360 model, we discovered immediate opportunities. Our strategic recommendations for cross-selling, upselling, and customer experience enhancements allowed them to harness the power of data in meaningful ways.

The Outcome

By merging all key customer data into one single unified view, the telecom gained a deeper understanding and clearer picture of their users.

This clarity supercharged their sales and marketing efforts, enabling them to engage customers with more tailored conversations.

As a result, they not only improved customer satisfaction but also were able to anticipate needs, leading to proactive solutions and smoother interactions.

Key Client Benefits

Cross-Selling and Upselling

With all customer data in one place, the telecom could clearly see where they could be offering more to their existing customers. This approach made it easier to suggest additional services, leading to more sales.

Improved customer satisfaction

Having a detailed picture of each customer meant that the team could tailor their interactions better. This made customer conversations more relevant and improved overall satisfaction.

Reduced rework

Access to complete customer information meant less time spent double-checking or fixing details. This made operations smoother and more efficient.

Error free and aligned

By centralising customer information, the risk of mistakes or mismatched data reduced significantly. The team now had a trusted go-to place for accurate customer details.