Turbocharge your


Streamline processes, enhance supply chains, and boost network planning for operational excellence.

Let’s put your data into overdrive

Process Optimisation

Who doesn't love smooth sailing?

We're here to fine-tune your operations for excellence.

By scrutinising every step, we unveil bottlenecks and inefficiencies that might be slowing you down. Our mission? To transform you into a well-oiled machine, primed to tackle any challenge.

Network Planning

Every step counts, quite literally.

Our solution optimises your store locations using a treasure trove of data.

From foot traffic patterns to demographic trends, we'll guide you in placing your stores exactly where they're needed most. It's the winning move in the ever-evolving retail arena.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Smooth supply chains, smoother growth.

We optimise your supply chain using data-driven strategies.

From inventory management to demand forecasting, we ensure your supply chain becomes a powerhouse that supports your expansion ambitions.

What our clients say

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Having worked with several of Data Insight’s personnel, we have found that they have a rich pool of good capability who also have a high level of dedication to achievement, are a great culture fit, have robust lateral thinking and we’ve benefited from the wider organisation experience to draw upon in tackling challenging scenarios.

Kathy Raynel
Head of Analytics & Insights, TSB
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The insights we’ve gained from Data Insight turning our data into dashboards, mean that at a glance, we can understand our network of independent retailers and focus on what we’re doing well. This enables us to respond quickly based on the facts.

Nikki Egene
E-Commerce Manager, Stihl
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I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with placing such a talented Insight Analyst at One. She has great work ethic and is an asset to any company that she works with. Although her stint was short, it was of high impact. We are so impressed with her and would love to have her help our team at some stage again in the future.

Reeti Lath
Commercial and Analytics COE Lead, One NZ

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