Jul 22, 2020
Nov 10, 2023

A Single Source of Truth for Better Decision-making

Our client is a leading electricity provider in New Zealand, committed to a cleaner energy future by 2030.

They serve over 500,000 households and businesses across the country and have a diverse set of energy sources.

The Challenge

Despite being a major player in the energy sector, our client grappled with challenges related to data governance and information scattered across multiple locations.

This fragmented data didn't just cloud their view, but also made it time-consuming to verify information. With the added risk of potential mistakes, confident decision-making became even tougher.

They realised the need to manage their data more effectively, ensuring it's accurate and easily accessible. The focus turned towards effective data governance and a smooth system to bring all their data together.

Our Approach

  1. Close Collaboration: We teamed up with key people at our client's company to fully understand their data sources, day-to-day operations, and the challenges they faced.
  2. Data Unravelling: We looked at calculations and ways data was used from over 40 different sources. Using a method where we identified the most important data for business (called the "critical data element" approach), we could see and show how data moved and changed within the company.
  3. Unified Data View: After understanding their data, we showed them a picture of how their data worked and moved. From this, we suggested a solution to bring everything together.
  4. Hands-On Building: We developed a first version of our solution. This allowed everyone to see it, use it, and tell us what they thought. We made changes based on what they said.
  5. Clear Insights: In our final version, all the important data was in one place. We added tools that made it easy for them to see information quickly, without having to do any complicated searches.

The Outcome

With both proper data governance frameworks and our integrated solution in place, our client experienced a transformation in their overall data management.

They now have a unified, trusted source of information, empowering them to confidently make strategic decisions and further their commitment to a sustainable future.

Key Client Benefits

Reliable Data

By having one central hub for all their data, our client could trust their information more. Automating data management meant fewer mistakes and more consistency.

Quick Decisions

With easy-to-read insights available instantly, our client could make decisions faster, always backed by accurate data.

Better Resource Use

Our streamlined approach let our client see where their data was coming from and going to. This view helped them use their resources more efficiently and save money.

Empowered Employees

Reliable data access empowered staff, reducing verification times and enhancing proactive engagement with stakeholders and customers.