The Data Insight team hit the ground running regardless of the business problems you throw at them. With the calibre of the team being extremely experienced and professional, they provide a team tailored for the project, get right into providing the solution and often even optimise it without being asked.

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A global retailer, approached Data Insight wanting to develop a dashboard for their stores, which would show performance over time as well as benchmarking against other stores. We worked with the retailer to design data requirements, build the dashboards, and implement them across the country. This required training on dashboards, on-going support and maintenance, and a solution that would work for all stores. Now over 40 stores NZ wide are regularly using the dashboard to monitor performance, which is also a vital tool in making data driven decisions regarding product purchasing.

Data Science and AI

A large telecommunications provider was looking to predict the rate of demand for its services nationally. Data Insight created an Azure SQL based process that converted their data into a single-household-view. This allowed them to predict orders in similar geographical areas using statistical distributions to come up with a 20 year demand model plan for new business. This model has proved its accuracy of being within 10% of actual orders received.

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Data Strategy

We worked with a fuel retailer to develop their data strategy, hosting client workshops to identify future data requirements for their commercial customers and the experiences they wanted to give them. This resulted in a data acquisition plan and proposed technical framework to support their future data needs, enabling the client to prioritise new data requests, focus their efforts in areas with growth potential and to ensure any technology investment was fit for purpose. The client was so happy with the results, that they decided mirror the project, focusing on their consumer base.

Insight Analytics

Our team carried out a data integration, customer profiling and segmentation project for a large retail bank to re-define the way business banking was being tracked at a customer level. Our team was able to create a group level understanding of how business banking customers use their banking products across both personal and business profiles. The client was then able to use this for a more targeted marketing approach, as well as gaining insights into differences between the segments of business customers, allowing the bank to better meet their customer's needs.

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Property Analytics

Data Insight produces regular mortgage market share reports for financial institutions, providing them with deep dives into performance in specific sub-segments of the market e.g. regions, buyer types, value brands etc. This enables them to understand their performance and how this compares to their competitors so they can identify focus areas, grow their portfolio and manage risk.