Our Tools & Tech

We leverage a diverse array of both legacy and cutting-edge technologies, tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. This agnostic approach ensures precision, scalability, and efficiency, enhancing our data analytics capabilities. Highlighted below are some of the most common tools and tech we use.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to create a more connected and efficient workflow.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics combines big data and data warehousing to unlock the full potential of your data, providing valuable insights and intelligence.

Power BI

Power BI helps you make better decisions by visualising data and uncovering hidden insights. We offer support from setup to advanced analytics.


Snowflake is a powerful cloud data platform that scales effortlessly. It provides secure, fast, and flexible data storage and analytics to support dynamic, data-driven strategies.


Databricks enhances our analytics and AI capabilities, allowing us to build faster and smarter solutions through seamless data integration and collaboration.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics provides deep insights into customer behaviour, helping us tailor user experiences and maximise engagement through comprehensive data analysis.

Amazon Web Services

AWS delivers robust and versatile solutions across various domains, including cloud migrations, custom architecture, AI-driven analytics, and managed services.


Tableau turns raw data into visual stories, enabling us to create compelling, data-driven narratives that inform and influence strategic decisions.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides a strong foundation for innovative projects, offering robust infrastructure for faster application development and data processing.


SQL is vital for managing relational databases. We have extensive experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, supporting complex queries and transaction management.


R excels in statistical computing and graphics, enhancing data analysis and visualisation with its extensive package ecosystem for statistical modelling and data science.


Python is a versatile language known for its simplicity, supporting tasks from data manipulation to machine learning, making it integral to any tech stack.