Data Rev Book

After almost two decades of using data and technology to solve business problems, Data Insight Founder and CEO, Carmen Vicelich, is still seeing businesses struggling to figure out how to transform to be more data-driven.

To help, Carmen has authored ‘The Data Revolution – an executive guide to becoming a data-led business to compete in the ‘Age of the Customer’ which outlines the fundamentals of how to transform into a forward-thinking, data-driven organisation of the future with the right structure, people, and processes.

Regardless of where you are at in your data journey, you’re guaranteed to get something from this book.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Carmen Vicelich

Founder Chair, Carmen Vicelich

“Through data, the unexpected truth and authenticity of the world around us is revealed. Data can uncover human behavior that we may not see. And when you combine that with human creativity and imagination, it can result in something magical.”