Analytics Manager

Jeannette Perez (JP)

Dedicated to demystifying data, ensuring clients navigate decision-making with clarity and confidence.

Jeannette Perez (JP)

Meet JP, one of our Analytics Managers at Data Insight. She has a talent for making sense of complex data and turning it into clear strategies that help businesses thrive.

With over a decade of experience, JP knows how to tell a story with numbers that everyone can understand.

JP's expertise goes beyond analysis; she's a master at helping our clients feel confident about using data to make decisions. She leads her team with enthusiasm, making sure that our analytics services are not only excellent but also straightforward and impactful.

At Data Insight, JP is all about building strong connections with our clients, walking them through data challenges with a friendly and clear approach. Her perfect mix of friendly guidance and expert knowledge makes her an essential part of our team and a trusted ally to our clients.

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Jeannette Perez (JP)

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