Client Director

Clare Baker

Forging lasting client relationships, turning prospective leads into successful, data-driven partnerships.

Clare Baker

Meet Clare, our Client Director at Data Insight, where her expertise in connecting and engaging with prospective clients drives our mission forward.

Passionate about transforming challenges into opportunities, Clare excels in educating and nurturing potential relationships, guiding them to realise the full potential of our data solutions.

With a rich background in sales and marketing, Clare has a keen eye for identifying and fostering valuable client partnerships. Her approach goes beyond mere sales; it's about deeply understanding what businesses need and aligning those needs with the unique capabilities of Data Insight.

Clare’s day-to-day involves a strategic mix of outreach, relationship building, and market trend analysis. Her enthusiasm for meeting new people and her relentless pursuit of sales opportunities are key to expanding our client base. Through her consultative approach, she ensures that each client engagement is not just a transaction, but a step towards long-term success.

In her role, Clare is a bridge between Data Insight’s innovative solutions and the businesses that benefit from them, ensuring that every partnership is as rewarding as it is impactful.

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