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Carmen Vicelich

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Carmen Vicelich

Carmen Vicelich is not just the founder and CEO of Data Insight; she's a visionary with over 20 years of creating impactful technological and data-driven solutions.

Her leadership has propelled Data Insight to the forefront of the analytics industry, where it navigates leading businesses towards transformative insights using the power of AI and advanced analytics.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has also given rise to Valocity, a trailblazing property valuation platform, and Generate Zero, an innovative carbon emission tracking tool. Together with Data Insight, these sister companies form a trio of forward-thinking tech businesses, each amplifying the other's strengths in their respective domains.

Outside of founding three data and technology businesses, Carmen dedicates herself to mentoring the next generation of leaders and actively engages in global discourse on technological innovation. Her groundbreaking work has earned her a spot among the elite in the tech and data spheres, celebrated through numerous international honors.

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