General Manager

Ben Winterbourne

Driving our mission to empower people to use their data for better outcomes.

Ben Winterbourne

Meet Ben, the General Manager at Data Insight, where his belief in the transformative role of data in businesses shapes our approach.

With over a decade of growth and achievement at Data Insight, Ben's journey to his current leadership position reflects his deep expertise, drive and commitment.

Ben's career, encompassing both agency and client-side roles in various sectors across Europe, North America and here in New Zealand, has armed him with a distinctive approach to business challenges. His ability to combine innovative and commercial thinking, with hands-on technical knowledge helps him guide businesses on the best course of action and helps them solve complex business problems.

Since taking on the role of General Manager in September 2021, Ben has been integral to both the operational and strategic facets of Data Insight. His focus on harnessing data analytics to meet the evolving demands of customers is central to both our client service and our position as an innovative leader in the analytics industry.