We partner with clients to provide a broad range of experience and skill-sets across analytical disciplines and industries.

The Data Insight team hit the ground running regardless of the business problems you throw at them. With the calibre of the team being extremely experienced and professional, they provide a team tailored for the project, get right into providing the solution and often even optimise it without being asked.
— Selena Hsiao, Data Quality & Governance Lead - Genesis

Why outsource data analytics?

Partnering with our team gives you the benefit of a flexible resource, so you can scale up and down as necessary and access the right skills and experience to meet your needs.

  • Get things done fast - Access the most experienced resource, who are solely focused on the project at hand getting things done quickly to deliver business value.


  • Deliver better solutions - Benefit from a fresh perspective towards business problem solving and a new way of thinking to find practical solutions.


  • Tap into unique skills and expertise - Receive a specialised set of skills and a wealth of experience which you can tap in and out of to meet specific project needs.

  • Invest in what you need when you need it - Pay for the deliverable that your business needs without long-term investment in hiring permanent roles.


  • Get results quickly - Receive optimal value for your investment with an analyst that is incentivised to reach the end goal and solve the business problem.


  • Avoid the need to hire specialised skillsets - Remove the need to hire each specific skillset internally with access to some of the best resource.

How do we help our clients?

Data Insight worked closely with senior management of a Government department to provide analytical resource and consulting services, assisting the client with report and dashboard creation, answering ad hoc data queries and developing tools to enable staff to self-serve. By automating and streamlining existing processes, we helped the client in realising a huge time savings - with reports that were taking up to 5 days to create now running in under 20mins.

Data Insight worked with a Telecommunications client, acting as a ‘virtual team’ to provide additional resource and skillset so they could execute on their analytical goals faster. Our team assisted in various projects, including deep dive analysis, profiling and modelling and worked in an agile way to deliver insights at speed. This allowed the client to respond to market and competitor behaviour quicker than ever before.

Our team went on site to assist an Insurance Provider in creating a new model to predict customers most likely to have a need for tailored, premium products. As part of this engagement, we helped test different modelling approaches, built and productionised the model and built tools to monitor performance of the model over time. With our assistance, the client was able to execute on their analytical goal a lot quicker than if they had waited for internal resource and skillset to become available.