Property Analytics


Data Insight holds a nationwide property database which pulls together a number of different sources to build a rich picture of property attributes and life stage triggers.

What can we help you with?

We have extensive experience working with clients to use the property data matched with their customer data so as to enrich their understanding of their customers, some examples include:

Address verification and cleaning - Improving the accuracy of address data for the purposes of internal analysis and direct marketing.

Data Enrichment - Enriching internal customer/address data to assist with new product targeting, sizing opportunities, modelling and analysis.

Modelling Household Lifetime Value - Predicting the potential value of a household based on property attributes, allowing you to prioritise marketing spend to where it matters the most.

Targeted Marketing - Utilising property data to identify opportunities for direct marketing conversations to grow existing and acquire new customer. For example:

  • Proactive targeting of home movers to prevent churn and identify opportunities for acquisition of new customers

  • Identifying key ‘moments of consideration’, such as a customers home ownership anniversary where they might be coming out of contract and ready to consider switching providers

Examples of how we’ve we helped our clients

Asset 12
Asset 13

Data Insight produces regular mortgage market share reports for financial institutions, providing them with deep dives into performance in specific sub-segments of the market e.g. regions, buyer types, value brands etc. This enables them to understand their performance and how this compares to their competitors so they can identify focus areas, grow their portfolio and manage risk.

Our team built a household lifetime value model for a utilities provider. This included building a model to predict how long each customer would remain with them and what their energy consumption might look like in the long term. As a result, they were able to estimate the potential value of each new customer and plan and prioritise how to look after their customers based on this knowledge.

Meet our sister company


Valocity is a cloud based platform that combines disparate data and technology to streamline the mortgage lending process. Data Insight works closely with Valocity to leverage rich property data and deliver integrated solutions for our clients.