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There’s never been a better time to be leveraging data, to cut through the noise, and make data-driven decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

Analytics and Insight is our bread and butter. Our team are experts in a range of analytical disciplines including:

Digital Analytics

Analysing digital data to understand traffic and user engagement, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns across web platforms and apps.


Segmenting customers based on attributes such as demographics, value and transactional behaviour to support marketing initiatives and drive a greater understanding of who your customers are.


Get to know your customers better - who they are, what drives them, how they behave - and identify opportunities to grow engagement.

Single Customer View (SCV)

Combining multiple disparate sources of data into one, rich view of the customer, their attributes, products and behaviour.

Recency Frequency Value (RFV)

Identify the most and least engaged customers - how recently and frequently they engaged and their value - and how this can be used to identify strategies to grow and nurture your base.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Predicting a customers future value, to support in allocating resources and prioritising efforts on the highest value opportunities.

Examples of how we’ve helped our clients

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Data Insight assisted a retail client in taking a data-led approach to planning their promotional calendar. To do this, we looked at the trend of spending month on month, identifying products and categories with particular seasonal skews. With a few myths busted and others validated, the client utilised these insights to better inform their promotional plan. Based on the insights provided, they were able to reduce marketing spend by rationalising their marketing campaigns and increase sales conversion by focusing offers to the right customers at the right time.

Our team carried out a data integration, customer profiling and segmentation project for a large retail bank to re-define the way business banking was being tracked at a customer level. Our team was able to create a group level understanding of how business banking customers use their banking products across both personal and business profiles. The client was then able to use this for a more targeted marketing approach, as well as gaining insights into differences between the segments of business customers, allowing the bank to better meet their customer's needs.

Tools we use

Here are some of the tools that our team have experience using:

See our dashboarding and data science pages for further tools we support.

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