We help you develop a data strategy and roadmap to enable data to drive and accelerate your business goals.

Our proprietary tools, templates and models, and experienced team will help you develop a world class data strategy which will provide the foundation for extracting value and outcomes from your data.
To be truly data driven, businesses need a data strategy and roadmap to act as a foundation, guiding them to execute on their data goals. Data Insight work with you to develop your data strategy and build out a roadmap of how to get there.
Our experienced team provide you with support and guidance in developing a data strategy. We work with you to understand your business’s:
Current and potential
Current and future
Tools, team + technology
Data Governance
Helping you to create a data governance function by establishing the policies and processes to embed data governance organisation-wide.
Data and Opportunities Audit
Assessing data quality and coverage, and making recommendations for how data can be better leveraged to drive business value.



Data Security and Privacy Best Practice
Working with you to put in place data security best practice to make sure your data is managed in a secure manner and is compliant with privacy laws.
Tools and Technology Review
Reviewing existing analysis and BI tools to determine if these are fit for purpose, making recommendations as to what tools you should consider going forward.


Asset 4
We worked with a fuel retailer to develop their data strategy, hosting client workshops to identify future data requirements for their commercial customers and the experiences they wanted to give them. This resulted in a data acquisition plan and proposed technical framework to support their future data needs, enabling the client to prioritise new data requests, focus their efforts in areas with growth potential and to ensure any technology investment was fit for purpose. The client was so happy with the results, that they decided mirror the project, focusing on their consumer base.
Path 18
The Data Insight team executed a detailed audit and provided a ‘state of the nation’ view for a National Grocery and Liquor Retailer to get a clearer picture of where the business is now. The team have worked with the client to develop a roadmap for how to achieve their objective over the next 3 years encompassing data strategy, tools, technology and analytics team function and composition.
We continue to work with the client to execute on the roadmap and continually improve those deliverables along the way.


When it comes to data and telling a story through visualising the data, the team at Data Insight delivered on our goals to help drive loyalty and growth.
— Scott Fitchett, Managing Director - AA SMARTFUEL

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