Today we live in the age of data. More and more of it is collected, stored and shared every day by businesses to influence customer outcomes. However, do you have the right policies in place to ensure your business is taking the right steps and won’t fall foul?

  • Do you know what data you hold and how sensitive it is and how is this monitored?
  • Who has access to what data?
  • How is data shared around the business?
  • What tools are used to store data?

Data Insight work with many large and growing enterprises on best practice in data governance, privacy and policies.

Data Policy And Privacy


The New Zealand Privacy act is under review, and with many companies looking to GDPR as the new global standard, New Zealand enterprises are preparing for changes to their data and privacy, policies and procedures.

“A common misconception is privacy only relates to customers when in reality, the law governs any and all data relating to individuals. Often this is sensitive information held about employees.”  Claire Bonham-Holden, General Manager Data Insight

Every year hundreds of data breaches are reported to the NZ Privacy Commission including when personal electronic information had been sent to the wrong recipient.  These can have significant financial implications as well as damaging reputation with customers.  Any compromise of employee personal information can also impact an organisation’s culture and degree of trust in management.

At Data Insight we work with many large and growing enterprises on best practice data governance, strategy and policy.

We have developed a framework and a toolkit to help organisations ensure they’re following global best practice.

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