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Data Insight empowers businesses to make fast, fact based decisions with dashboards.

The insights we’ve gained from Data Insight turning our data into dashboards, mean at a glance, we can understand our network of independent retailers and focus on what we’re doing well. This enables us to respond quickly based on the facts.

What can we help you with and what are the advantages?


Build - Building the foundations to support the dashboards. By reviewing your data, we can uncover the data points that will answer your key business questions.

Design - Making sure the dashboards answer the 'so what' questions in your business simply and beautifully, by designing the dashboard to prioritise what matters.

Audit - Auditing existing dashboards to understand who is using them, whether they are using the right data sources and updating and improving your dashboards as new data becomes available.

What can we help you with and what are the advantages

Some of the tools we use:

See our insight analytics and data science pages for further tools we support.

Why Data Insight?

Delivered fast, so you are no longer in the dark

With years of experience in building dashboards, Data Insight can deliver quickly, so the business can start monitoring key metrics. We have the ability to build dashboards on-site or in house.

Helping you tell the story by highlighting what matters

We have mastered the art of keeping things simple to highlight the metrics and trends that really matter to the business. Look beyond the numbers and leverage actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

We bring best practice from broad industry experience

With proven experience across various functions and industries, Data Insight can bring best in class design and measurement to dashboards, matched with the skills to use the best in class tools.

When it comes to data and telling a story through visualising the data, the team at Data Insight delivered on our goals to help drive loyalty and growth.
— Scott Fitchett, Managing Director - AA SMARTFUEL

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