Your data has so much potential – but it takes more than one analyst to discover it...

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In LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report 2020, the roles seeing the most growth in job advertisements globally were related to data. From AI specialist at number 1 (up 74% year on year) to Data Scientist at no 3 (up 37% year on year), data roles are expanding across nearly every industry.

When Boards and Exec teams learn that other businesses are using data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage, the response is often: ‘we better hire a data analyst.’

They wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t excited by the potential – data mining, algorithms, predictive modelling and dashboards… data analysis clarifies results, and points ahead to the future.


But when companies hire a single data analyst to do this work, it often doesn’t work out as intended. Why?

  1. Analysts tend to have quite specialised skillsets. The analytics spectrum is huge, covering skills from dashboarding right through to machine learning and AI – you don’t want to miss out on the breadth of capability that will highlight where the best returns will be.

  2. But… internally, people don’t always know this. Your analyst starts to get pulled into anything that has the word ‘data’ in it, and they get stretched across too many parts of the business or end up focusing on just one part.

  3. The analyst often has a manager from a specific business unit that doesn’t always see the strategic value of what they do or what they need to be effective. Therefore the tools and support to help them achieve success strategically is often missed or under-invested in.

  4. Analysts like to be surrounded by like-minded people – they benefit from sharing knowledge and bouncing ideas off one-another. Analysts with different backgrounds and experience tackle problems from different ways and a combination of mind power is gold to find innovative ways to solve problems and leverage for other pieces of work.

  5. Hiring at the right level can be challenging – often businesses think they’re getting a bargain when they hire someone relatively junior. However they may have a great technical skillset but lack the commercial experience to put analytics into action. Without a leader with the right level of experience to grow, they often struggle to drive analytics forward in the business. Conversely, hiring someone very senior can be expensive and they may be averse to rolling their sleeves up and getting on the tools.

Why Data Insight?

Our team have a broad range of experience and skillsets across analytical disciplines and industries. Partnering with us gives you the benefit of a flexible resource, so you can scale up and down as necessary, and access to the right skills and experience to meet your needs.

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