Why partner for AI?

 partner for AI

Data Insight’s growing Data Science team has a wealth of experience developing AI powered solutions, helping clients get ahead of the game by getting started with AI.

To help you get ahead, we asked our AI expert, Dr. Rob, what he identifies as the greatest benefit of partnering for AI.

“Before you can focus on the solution, you first need to understand what AI is and the business problem/s you’re looking to solve. Even the smartest AI solutions will fail without a solid business process built around them, to support their implementation and use.

One of the greatest advantages of partnering to get started with AI, is experience. We’ve seen over and over again, how to build a business process around a solution to allow it to deliver value.   

At Data Insight, we believe that AI solutions will only be usable and fit for purpose if we take the end users of the solution on the journey with us, from the design phase right through to execution.

The beauty of experience is our team have mastered the art of delivering AI solutions that go on to solve business problems and we know how to spot the risks and pitfalls as they appear and manage them accordingly. We put an emphasis on simplicity so that our solutions are usable, interpretable, delivered on-time and deliver great outcomes. This is perfectly represented in the following case study.“

“A leading insurer needed to understand which of their customers could be up-sold to a premium policy. Our data scientist worked onsite within the product owner's team to develop a model for identifying these prospects. Through stand-ups every morning, we were able to clarify what data best captured customer behaviour, for identifying the most promising targets. The client required an interpretable model, so Data Insight put greater emphasis on documentation to explain how models made decisions, and automated monthly reporting to show where the key variables for its decisions were changing. The client could confirm these met requirements as they were being designed, rather than the end of the project, so the final outputs matched their requirements perfectly.

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