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Caroline Knowles
by Caroline Knowles
posted on Thu, 30 June 2022

Footprint Emissions Sustainability

Creating a culture of sustainability

Companies all over the globe are building visions around sustainability, making pledges and hiring sustainability champions in order to reduce their carbon footprint. While it is promising to see key steps taken towards a more sustainable future, we know that authentic change cannot be made in the boardroom alone. 

Real change happens when you create a culture of sustainability within the business itself, where individuals make micro-behavioural modifications that drive both an honest and tangible reduction in their carbon emissions.  

Research shows that businesses who engage with staff and bring every employee on their sustainability journey end up achieving much better results.    

The current approach  

Many organisations are now estimating and offsetting their carbon emissions in order to obtain a carbon zero certification.  This process is often labour intensive, as obtaining the raw data and then transforming it into measurable information is not a simple task.   

The results are often not well visualised, understood or benchmarked.  Which makes it difficult to tell a story, report with accuracy and take your employees on the journey.  

Using the power of data to unlock the sustainability challenge 

As sustainability is now a critical area of focus globally, many organisations face a huge challenge to effectively calculate, monitor, benchmark and reduce their emissions.  Much of the data required for this, such as employee commute data, is currently collected via manual staff surveys which are time consuming, tedious and inaccurate.  
Accessing these data sources in a more automated and intelligent way will allow organisations to better understand what factors can be influenced, benchmark against industry peers and deep-dive into their emission sources in order to fully understand the underlying drivers. 

Driving real change through data  

We see an opportunity to move on from a box ticking, certification-driven exercise towards a more data-driven approach that drives real behavioral change, which will mean the following:
  1. Businesses will start to harness the power of data and machine learning to monitor, predict and reduce their carbon emissions.  Using potent visualisation and data story-telling to take their teams, investors, stakeholders and customers on the journey  
  2. Companies will empower their team by equipping employees with the tools to make sustainability decisions and trade-offs throughout their day. 
  3. Organisations will report on emissions using information from one true source which means data integrity and automated, accurate results. 

There is no bigger focus area for us than the future of our planet. 

Data Insight is committed to helping businesses on this journey of transformational change. 

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Caroline Knowles
by Caroline Knowles
posted on Thu, 30 June 2022

Footprint Emissions Sustainability