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posted on Tue, 25 May 2021



“The Data Insight team hit the ground running regardless of the business problems thrown at them. With the calibre of the team being extremely experienced and professional, they provide a team tailored for the project and waste no time delivering the solution.”
- Selena Hsiao, Data Quality & Governance Lead, Genesis


Genesis Energy is New Zealand’s largest diversified energy retailer, with around 500,000 customers. The recently formed Data Governance team at Genesis Energy recognised the need to develop processes and expand the team to deliver better data solutions.

Data Insight provided expertise to compliment the team, to deliver on some of the high priority use cases, taking on a variety of roles including a data quality analyst, business analyst, and even a data engineer.

The challenge

Genesis was facing the common challenge of many organisations, having no single source of truth and disparate data in various sources including spreadsheets. This was resulting in the pain of duplicated effort and lack of consistency. The main use case focused on how data aggregation and complex calculations could be automated to improve accuracy, reduce human error and remove the manual processes that existed.

The solution

Data Insight worked with the key stakeholders to understand the data sources, BAU processes and business challenges. The DI team translated calculations and data logic from over 40 different data sources. Using a critical data element (CDE) approach, where all data essential for business processes is identified, we were able to present a visual current state showing the data flows to recommend a solution for testing to the key stakeholders. The solution was then prototyped and iterated alongside stakeholders to ensure all identified business problems and critical data elements were made available through the final bespoke solution.

The outcome

The new data store has become the single source of truth for Genesis, with a record of all historic values, and allows the teams to retrieve the data they need instantaneously. Calculations and transformation logic are applied in the background using automation and Power BI to provide real-time insights.

Key approaches used by the Data Insight team


  • Critical data element:

The CDE approach allows organisations to identify and focus on the data that matters, i.e., that which is essential for the business to function and succeed, refining the scope of the project and making the task a lot less daunting.

  • Network analysis for understanding and visualising data flows:

Network analysis can be used to visualise data flows between external data sources (shown in orange) and operational spreadsheets (colour-coded by business units), as seen in the diagram below where each node represents a spreadsheet, email, or database. These visualisations show the complexity of data flows within the organisation can highlight the dependencies of different business units within the organisation. The power of network analysis extends far beyond that, allowing resource-intensive processes to be identified and optimised.

Network graph visualising data flows between files and databases (nodes) from sources both external (orange) and internal (colour-coded by business unit).


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Data Insight
by Data Insight
posted on Tue, 25 May 2021