From Lockdown To Lift Off webinar recording

Data Insight and leaders from some of New Zealand’s most successful businesses including ANZ, SKY New Zealand and NZME share their learnings on navigating their businesses through some of the most challenging times, and how finding the right balance between data, people and digital tools ensures they thrive and don’t just survive.

Webinar email speakers aquaWatch the webinar recording to hear about how these businesses are leveraging data and analytics to drive strong growth during a time where uncertainty has become the norm in both New Zealand and globally.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How to adapt and mobilise your organisational strategy and operations when the rate of change in our external environment is accelerating every day
  • How to ensure analytical teams feel supported, encouraged and empowered in the new remote working environment
  • How to use data to align your physical and digital environments to ensure your customers feel valued at every touchpoint
  • Making decisions around tools and technology to deliver in a rapidly evolving world
  • The best ways data can support faster decision making


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