AI: Where to start?


The global economy is being reinvented through artificial intelligence.

We’re immersed in AI through our consumer experiences with Netflix, Facebook and Uber (even if we just see the front end), while every industry. from healthcare to manufacturing to agriculture, is ripe for AI revolution.

No business wants to feel they are being left behind. Yet we frequently hear ‘where do we start with AI?’ Often this is because determining future returns is challenging.

The other challenge for New Zealand businesses is to understand the power of AI but not be daunted by it. Implemented well, AI is there to take on your businesses heavy lifting.

Look at Netflix, one of the most relatable AI examples, with 160 million of us as customers. As viewers we are grouped into more than 2000 ‘taste communities,’ based on how we use the service.

The logistics of constantly collecting, analysing and cross-referencing billions of data points actively looking for patterns makes it an almost impossible task for human data scientists alone.


Wondering how your business can get started with AI?

We talk to a lot of businesses who are excited by the possibilities of AI, but are unsure of where to start. How do they best utilise AI for the greatest returns?

Our approach helps clients de-clutter some of the noise around AI, focus on the real opportunities, and formulate propositions that have a strong ROI case.  

  • Discovery

We take our clients through a ‘step zero’ – before you start. We’ll learn about the kind of decisions that you need help with. Have you already tried non-AI solutions for these? If not, maybe there’s a quick win, which is less costly.

Through workshops we help your team develop a common understanding of what is possible, and brainstorm where the potential AI opportunities are within your business. We won’t worry about the ‘how’ just yet – this is where you think boldly, and work through what is realistic and possible, without getting overwhelmed!

  • Qualifying

Taking the potential ideas, we begin ranking and scoring them based on where the greatest business impact will be.

We will determine what type of investment is needed to deliver it and assess it against the data and budget you have available. This is where you will learn roughly how much it will cost. You will be able to assess what kind of return you will get on an investment, before we head to roadmap and build.


Data Insight are building AI solutions that put our customers ahead of the pack. Talk to us if you want help to start the journey.