Accelerating your business with AI

At Data Insight, we believe that AI is an essential tool in the analytics toolbox. At DI Day, our Lead Data Scientist, Rob Anderson shared how AI can help Kiwi businesses achieve their goals.

The key takeaways for the audience were:

Why should we care about AI?

AI can enable organisations to gain a competitive advantage, by providing new levels of insight into customers and business processes. Recent open-source tools like Python and R combined with the flexibility of cloud platforms have opened the gates, allowing organisations across all industries to find ways to use AI to solve their key business problems. These solutions have the potential to disrupt industries. Organisations need to be AI-literate or risk falling behind their competitors.


How can we make sure that an AI project delivers value?

AI projects are risky: iterative development means that it may take longer and cost more than expected to get a solution you want. AI projects need to deliver clear, demonstrable value within a set scope. Key stakeholders need to believe that an AI solution is justified. The right tools, data and people need to be in place to solve the problem. And you need a diversity of opinions to inform, challenge and evaluate the project to make sure it will deliver a solution that’s fit for purpose.  


Is my organisation ready for AI?

The key ingredient in any analytical project is the data itself. Early in your data-drive journey, simpler analytical solutions like dashboarding, profiling and customer segmentation’s will help you discover the strengths and limitations of your data. These are invaluable first steps before using AI to tackle your business problems. Knowing your data is a crucial part of building effective AI solutions.


When delivering AI projects, nothing matches past experience to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face along the way. At Data Insight, we have helped clients across industries deliver successful AI products. We empower our clients, including them in every step of the journey. This gives them knowledge of and belief in AI, allowing them to tackle other problems that AI can solve in their organisations.


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