From Lockdown to Lift Off: Key takeouts

Data Insight hosted its very first webinar last Friday the 22nd of May. This webinar featured a power panel of business leaders, discussing how they’re leveraging data and analytics to make fast decisions in a post COVID-19 world and sharing their top tips.

From Lockdown to Lift Off: Key takeouts
  1. Ensure you have the right foundational tools, such as dashboards, built to a high standard, so your data is served up in a way that can be consumed by the business in order to make fast decisions and drive faster value-added insights. 

  2. Start small and iterate. Pull together data quickly, iterating to add “drops of value” as quickly as possible and leverage your analyst community to help locate the data you need to make decisions and act fast. 

  3. Find a great data storyteller! Someone who can connect the insights and data to the overall business strategy to reinforce your investment in data and analytics and help cut through the noise to identify the true actionable insights. 

  4. Ensure analysts engage closely with the business decision makers. This way they can understand the questions being asked and help find the data to solve the problem. 

  5. Partner, collaborate and outsource for the right skills to get things done quickly. Sometimes partnering is the fastest way to get quick payback and prove the ROI. 


Along with our top five tips from the panelists, McKinsey has described five qualities that will be critical for business leaders to find their way to the next normal here

If you missed the webinar, or want to listen in again, check out the video recording below.

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