Success is Growth – Data Insight promotes high performing leadership

Carmen and Claire

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

For Data Insight, that has undoubtedly been one of the keys to success. Since launching six years ago Data Insight has worked with most of New Zealand’s leading brands; turning their data into actionable business insights and won numerous awards and accolades along the way. 

Success is a combination of many things; data, knowing what to do with it, access to the best tools, and how to turn it into value and insights – this is all done by the best people.

Carmen Vicelich founded Data Insight in 2014 and mortgage technology business Valocity shortly after. Leading the Data Insight team for some time has been General Manager Claire Bonham-Holden.

It is now with great pleasure that Data Insight announces the promotion of Claire Bonham-Holden into the CEO Role. Carmen Vicelich will continue to be instrumental in the development of Data Insight, supporting C-suite data strategy and in the position of Founder Chair, as well as CEO of Valocity.

“Data Insight has achieved phenomenal success, and this couldn’t have been accomplished without the amazing team I have onboard. I am thrilled to recognise Claire for her contribution” says Carmen Vicelich.

With over 20 years of data and analytics experience, both agency and client-side, Claire has worked with Data Insight since it was founded back in 2014.

Claire states “Helping clients leverage one of their most important assets – data is what drives me. Often clients don’t have the necessary skill set internally or need extra resource to help them drive change. This is where Data Insight steps in. We have a team of the best super-smart analysts and data scientists that thrive on a challenge and deliver fast measurable results. Whether its introducing AI, advanced analytics, or developing visualisation and dashboards, our team make the complicated simple.”

Data Insight continues to grow from strength to strength and is currently recruiting to support ongoing growth.