The road to Artificial Intelligence and the opportunity for New Zealand

At some point in the next decade, robots will be able to physically do what humans can do, and probably better than us too. It’s a tad frightening for some, and it’s happening faster than people might be ready for.

At a recent event attended by our Chief Marketing Officer, Justin Flitter a panelist asked the audience for a show of hands. “When will autonomous vehicles be a transport option?”. Most people put hands up for 10-15 years. It would be a surprise then for people to hear that autonomous flying vehicles could be a part of your travel options in closer to 5 years. Uber will start trials in Melbourne in 2020 while Air New Zealand and Zephyr Airworks announced their partnership last year.

The opportunities for New Zealand are truely game changing. So as the New Zealand Government looks to establish a Policy and Strategy for AI in New Zealand, we think NZ companies should be thinking about the impact AI and Machine Learning could have on their business too.

In the first episode of their new podcast series, the AI Forum’s Ben Reid discusses the AI Opportunity for New Zealand with Professor Michael Witbrock, an AI Veteran recently returned to New Zealand to establish the new Broad AI Lab at University of Auckland.

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At Data Insight we’re passionate about continuing to enable our clients, New Zealand’s fast growth, high performing enterprises to leverage the data they own. That includes a roadmap to AI/ML enablement.

New Zealand has actually played a leadership role developing Natural Language Processing, the R language, Autonomous Vehicle development over many years. Even though AI has been around for decades, today’s computing power and machine learning algorithms have accelerated the availability of tools, methodology and skills for companies to commercialise new AI powered systems faster than ever before. But. Getting to the position where you can start leveraging AI and ML can take some time and planning.

Earlier this year Data Insight produced a White Paper to help business leaders understand where and when to utilise AI to solve problems. Download your copy here

Organisations that Data Insight works with are all on a pathway to AI enablement. It’s a journey that requires strategy, planning and understanding of what data you own and a clear vision for the types of problems or business processes you’d like AI/ML to automate or augment.

Have a listen to the podcast and feel free to connect with us to discuss your organisations roadmap to AI.

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