Richard Dalliessi - Senior Insight Analyst - Meet the Team

Richard (Rick) Dalliessi is a Senior Insight Analyst here at Data Insight. Recently he was asked by AUT to share a little of his history, experience and work here at DI.

People are everything to growing businesses like ours so it’s great to put the spotlight on Rick this month as part of our ongoing team profile series.

When did you join the team Rick?

I joined as a Senior Insight Analyst back in November 2018, marking about 8 months here.

Could you give a brief outline of your employment from graduation until now?

2-3 months before my graduation, I was hired in to a full-time role as a Data Analyst with Air New Zealand. Luckily for me, before I started, they had a departure and thought my previous experience and skills would be suited to the more challenging and recently vacated role. I began my employment with Air New Zealand as a Junior Customer Analyst, working heavily around loyalty programme data and later more on the operational aircraft-sided data.

After about a year and a half with Air New Zealand I decided it was time to step it up and look for my next challenge. An ex-colleague of mine put me forward for a position with his old company, Data Insight. After a few interviews, I was lucky to be taken on as a Senior Insight Analyst.

What do you do on a regular basis in your role?

Being a consultancy, we get a wide variety of work at Data Insight and you find yourself doing all sorts of things. I’ve been involved in client projects covering things such as:

  • Improvement and streamlining of business as usual reporting

  • Design and implementation of new analytical reports

  • Machine learning and modelling

  • Implementation of development and production pipelines

What are the main skills you use?

Working in consultancy, you need to have a broad range of skills as what you use depends on what your client has. In my work I use everything from Excel and Powerpoint up to SQL and R. There are many other helpful skills I aim to develop such as Python, Docker, Apache Spark etc.

What do you enjoy in this role?

The variety of the work is one of the main draw-cards, especially for someone so early in their career. The team are what make the job for me. They’re a group of tight-knit, friendly, and smart individuals.

What are the main challenges?

Managing client expectations around deliverables and time-frames would be the main challenge.

Advice or tips to graduates thinking of going in to this area of the industry?

Don’t focus on technical skills at the expense of soft skills. It’s great having a perfect knowledge of machine learning or other technical areas, but if you can’t take your skills, create deliverables, and communicate them to the people paying you they may struggle to see the value in you.

Our team is growing, We’re hiring Data Scientists and Analysts because #BetterNeverStops. If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity to create Insights from Data that impacts our clients and their customers, please contact us.