Unfiltered.tv and Data Insight Partner to support business acceleration


Every business recognises to become great they need to make smart data driven decisions. Data Insight partners with some of New Zealand and the worlds largest brands to do just this.

Unfiltered.tv, Founded by Jake Miller is dedicated to democratising the knowledge and wisdom of the world’s most successful business leaders.

The two are proud to announce their partnership to deliver game changing insights on how to leverage the power of data and the amazing value it can create.

Data Insight Founder, Carmen Vicelich said “It’s a natural alliance with two innovative brands bringing value to business in a competitive world”.

Understanding how to truly derive value out of your data — ethically while maximizing commercial opportunities — is front of mind for every business in 2019. Working with Data Insight to unlock valuable insights and ideas for high growth companies to do just that is something we’re immensely excited about

— Jake Millar, Founder of Unfiltered.tv.

The Partnership will produce content and resources through Unfiltered.tv designed to help business leaders learn how their datasets can be utilised to make informed strategic decisions and predict future trends.

Working with the Unfiltered Team over the coming months we’ll be launching exciting new initiatives; empowering everyone to understand and leverage the data that underpins their future growth.

— Justin Flitter said, Chief Marketing Officer, Data Insight

Data Insight is a trusted adviser on data and analytics. From understanding today to predicating tomorrow, Data Insight helps businesses develop and implement a future proof strategy to manage and leverage business critical datasets.

Data Insight is a team of super smart Data Scientists, who also deeply understand a client’s business operation, customer journeys and challengers impacting growth. These business problems can be solved by knowing what data you have and how to ask the right questions

— Claire Bonham-Holden, Data Insight General Manager

These business needs are global. In the age of Artificial Intelligence and concerns with Data Privacy, businesses need to be proactive. We have admired Unfiltered’s growth over the last few years. Jake and his team have built an exceptional community, that we believe is an ideal platform to promote best practice.

— Justin Flitter.


For further information please contact Data Insight General Manager Claire.Bonham-Holden@datainsight.co.nz